The magic show&The magic contests!

Click the magic which you want to see.
Push the radio bottan.You can check your magic grade!

The degree of difficulty
1. You can delete the pencil inside the handkerchief! Yes I can!
2. You can delete the cup inside the paper bag! ☆☆ Yes I can!
3. A coin move hand to hand! ☆☆☆ Yes I can!
4. A coin go out from your hand!(easy varsion) ☆☆☆ Yes I can!
5. A handkerchief is moving along! Yes I can!
6. A long pencil enter into your ear! Yes I can!
7. おやゆびがとれる! ☆☆ Yes I can!
8. A coin pass the cup!! ☆☆☆ Yes I can!
9. A coin go out from your hand!(difficult varsion) ☆☆☆ Yes I can!
10. ハンカチから出てくる101円! ☆☆☆ Yes I can!


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